Birding trip report in our village on the evening of 11.05.2013

By: Samrat Sarkar

May 30 2013

Category: Bird

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Focal Length:180mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX P510

On the evening of 11.05.2013 three of us- me, my wife and our four years aged son Saranya planned to go for birding. Our trip was started around 4’O clock. Just at the very beginning we spotted a couple of Red vented Bulbul sitting at the mango grove just beside the roadside water stream. Just after that we noticed White breasted Waterhen and Indian Pond HeronPicture 141, both in pairs in the bushes surrounding the said stream. The breeding plumage of Indian Pond Heron was quite noticeable. Just a few steps ahead we spotted two White breasted Kingfishers sitting on the overhead wire. On the same overhead wire a Lesser Pied Kingfisher Picture 143grabbed our attention. As this type of Kingfisher is rarely seen, we were keenly observing it. Suddenly a flock of Yellow Footed green Pigeon flew away across the stream. An Asian paradise flycatcher (female)Picture 142 was seen sitting on a plum tree just beside the stream and then it started searching flies on the surface of water. We have never watched a flycatcher catching flies diving on water. It was really amazing. We then started walking towards our friend Arun’s house as we were highly exited to watch the Long-tailed NightjarPicture 153 Arun has spotted just yesterday morning. On our way we also found a Blue throated Barbet .We then reached Arun’s house and walked through the garden. Arun told us that it was found resting at a particular place for hours maintaining the same posture. Surprisingly we also found it on the same place as depicted by Arun. We were spellbound when we spotted it after a keen observation as it was sitting in such a manner where it is a tough job to discriminate it from the dead leaves. What a camouflage! We took several snaps of the bird from very close proximity. It remained absolutely static during our photo session. Actually it is a nocturnal bird. This will remain as very precious moments and really unforgettable. We then proceed towards our last destination, Boisa bill. On the way we watched nests of Streaked WeaverPicture 145 on coconut trees. A Eurasian collared DovePicture 162 was seen sitting on overhead wire near boisa bill. Some Paddyfield pipits were found busy in searching food amongst the dry land of the bill. Our birding trip came to an end with the sighting of a flock of Red Wattled LapwingsPicture 175.


One comment on “Birding trip report in our village on the evening of 11.05.2013”

  1. this was a good venture –Ranjan da

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