By: Samrat Sarkar

Jan 22 2016

Category: Insect

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It is the first post in the insect section of this blog.There are several insects that have good impacts both on the nature and the human beings. So, we decided to develop another category naming ‘Insect’ in this blog. Though the name of the blog bears an emphasis on the birds of the locality, as we began earlier to emphasis on the birds, it is now possible to become familiar with common insects of Boisa Bill region through this blog. The information given in this category is according to our best knowledge.

The first post in this insect category is of a very common insect named Jewel Bug or Metallic Shield Bug or sometimes refers as Shield-backed Bug. It is among the common insects of the region. Their glossy coloration is really a charm. The green coloration helps them well to make camouflage among the green foliage.

They belongs to the Order- Hemiptera; Family- Scutelleridae. Though common among the bushes they generally found largely on Croton bonplandianum. In Boisa Bill region this insect is found in the bushes by the country road. During winter and summer, when the lake(Boisa Bill) becomes dry they are found, though very little in number, in the core area of the lake too. It is also to say that they are decreasing in number rapidly due to the heavy usage of pesticides with the passing of days.

Photographer: Arun Acharjee

attribution share-alike creative common license 3.0


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