By: Samrat Sarkar

Feb 14 2016

Category: Insect

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Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX130 IS

There are many insects around us. Who doesn’t know that? Yes. But you know what is the main problem in finding them all? Their camouflage of course. This insect is among those masters of camouflage we find around us, though a bit little in comparison. Generally sit silently on the leaf and thus their green color makes a semblance with the leaf making it difficult to find. This image is of a nymph that is on the way to adulthood. Yes, I know you find the little, half-made, incomplete pair of wings of this little baby.

In Boisa Bill region you can find this insect among the bushes and grasslands situated mostly in or around swamp areas. They belongs to the Order- Orthoptera, Family- Pyrgomorphidae. Common Bengali name is unknown.

Photographer: Arun Acharjee

attribution share-alike creative common license 3.0


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