By: Samrat Sarkar

Apr 05 2016

Category: Spider

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D7000

Let the first post of category ‘SPIDER’ in this blog begin with a very common spider in the bushes everywhere around us. Its a Telamonia dimidiata commonly known as Two-striped Telamonia(লাল-পাড় লাফাড়ু মাকড়সা). The species belongs to the Salticidae family. It means this is a jumping spider- the largest spider species of the world. They are really very ferocious. My personal experience tells almost each time I had got my camera closer to them to photograph they made jump on it. For the first time I was really puzzled- so its attacking speed. Though, as per my little knowledge, none of them, including this particular spider species, is so harmful for human beings. The given spices is of a male.

In Boisa Bill region they are found abundantly in the bushes and trees. Love to play hide and seek among the leaves and are noticed both on the leaves or under and among the twigs. Wish you enjoy the beauty. Have a good day.

Photographer: Arun Acharjee

attribution share-alike creative common license 3.0


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