COMMON GULL (কুচিলা)

By: Samrat Sarkar

Oct 01 2016

Category: Insect

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D7000

Common Gull (Cepora nerissa) is one of the most common butterflies found in Indian subcontinent. In the Gangetic Plain- in our village they are seen in a great number. It welcome me on the very day of Mahalaya. Amazingly, it allowed me so close that it became lager than my camera frame while shooting. I use nikon 40mm macro lens and the users know how it goes when capturing a free butterfly at 1:1 ratio. In short, at a time my lens was just a inch away from this beauty. Though, at first it was very shy.

The background is concrete way/way made with highway materials(sorry for my lack of word-stock) where some liquid was present. It was busy in collecting salt therefrom. Of course, you know about mud-puddling of butterflies and this one was busy in that yet not on mud. Who cares mud or non-mud? It just need for salt. And it collected that from here. Though I never forget this guy’s allowing me such close.

This image is taken on the Madanpur-Majdia-Kalyani road from the Eastern side of Boisa Beel near the banyan tree just beside the Beel, next to the primary school.

Photographer: Arun Acharjee

attribution share-alike creative common license 3.0


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